The Kiss Campaign’s mission is clear: We’re raising awareness for a health crisis in Mizque, Bolivia, where almost every family in this remote village is at risk of serious health problems caused by a parasitic disease, Chagas, transmitted by the “Kissing Bug.”  

Chagas has left a dark and widespread mark on this community …but there is hope. Together we can make our own mark on Bolivia that will last for generations.Closer-Look-Mizque-Bolivia-Chagas-Disease-The-Kissing-Bug-ChildrenWe’re here to stop Chagas in its tracks. With enough campaigns started, The KISS campaign could turn this entire slum into a safe and sustainable community.

It’s time to say #AdiosChagas 💋


(ASK 1) Start a campaign for $6,800—When you make the commitment to funding an entire home for a family in need, you email your friends, you share with your family and you get behind something that truly changes lives, communities, and societies.

BONUS: Write a blog post about this story and share with your entire network. We’ll share with our network and highlight you on our site.

(ASK 2) Join the Kiss Campaign on social media—Download boomerang and blow a kiss at the camera & join our Thunderclap campaign. Don’t forget to post on Instagram using the hashtag #AdiosChagas. (Here is example post language)

Meet the families and read their stories to see the harrowing reality of this disease. Once the family you funded moves into their safe new home in a Kissing Bug-free zone, you’ll get a move-in video right in your inbox with cheers and smiles from the exact family you helped.

Let’s say #AdiosChagas and kiss away the Kissing Bug in this village. 💋


What are you waiting for? Grab your family, tell your friends, and together we can build a New Story. We can’t wait to see how many lives we can change!

Join the Kiss Campaign and together we can change the lives of everyone in this community.