Our 1st community of 151 families in Leveque, Haiti is completed, and we are excited to announce the next “new story” project and launch of the Architect Program! We’re heading to the coastal slum of Minotrie, Haiti where families have been living in life-threatening tents for 6+ years since the 2010 earthquake. It’s time for a new story here, and we have the plan to do it.

Example of a New Story transformation:


The New Mission

With the slum identified and new land secured, our local partner on the ground, Mission of Hope, is ready to get to work. Funding the homes one by one in a new community like this in a short period of time is often the hardest part, but with our new partnership with Intellinet we already have that covered! This bold team, a business transformation and technology services company headquartered in Atlanta, is funding the land purchase and building of 115 homes in the Minotrie community, catalyzing a newly launched New Story funding product that we’re calling the ‘Architect Program’.

The Architect Program

The Architect Program allows a strategic giving partner to select an identified community in need and help to fund and design the broad footprint of community transformation with our local operations partners so that we can move families into safe homes faster and in a more predictable process. Intellinet is our first Architect Program Partner and will be helping us forge the strategic elements for this great new program of repeatable, community transformation all over the globe. 

Intellinet is helping us launch this first holistic community transformation in Minotrie, Haiti that will be known as ‘The Net.’ The Net will be comprised of a 115 home community in honor of the 115 Intellinet families within the company. (What a powerful example of generous giving, corporate purpose, and life-changing impact!) 100% of the donations will go directly to home construction, giving work to local contractors and builders, and giving new and improved lives to over 575 people with the foundation of a home. Below is the land for The Net community.  Nice ocean view!

Screenshot 2016-05-10 14.03.44

The impact of the New Story Architect Program goes far beyond homes. Our philosophy is that homes are the foundation for a thriving community. We work with our local Operations Partner and Architect Program Partner to find additional strategic giving partners to provide the integrated community components such as clean water and sanitation, better access to healthcare and education, and job creation to give families the stepping stones to move out of poverty.

‘The Net’ Community

With the combined vision of New Story, Intellinet, and Mission of Hope, this Architect Program community has been launched with the following integrated initial components defined to unlock life-changing opportunity in Minotrie, Haiti:

  • Home build out plan – phase 1 underway (Partner committed)
  • School on grounds (Partner committed)
  • Child development center (Partner committed) 
  • Three Cords manufacturing factory providing jobs (Partner committed) 
  • Playground and athletic field (Vision, open for partnership) 
  • Gardens and sustainable agriculture training (Partner committed) 
  • Micro-loan offerings to each home recipient (Vision, open for partnership) 


Intellinet + New Story

In August of 2015, the Intellinet leadership team started to brainstorm models to #MakeAnImpact in the world. They wanted this corporate theme to manifest itself in 3 core actions: “Leading Boldly, Giving Generously, and Modeling Stewardship.”

New Story and Intellinet crossed paths in October 2015 at the Atlanta High Tech Prayer Breakfast. Mark Seeley (Intellinet CEO) and Frank Bell (Chairman), envisioned ‘The Net’ after hearing New Story’s CEO, Brett Hagler, share our mission and impact in Haiti. Mark was busy taking notes on the morning event’s program at his seat, vision-casting an extraordinary way to make an impact. 

Fast forward a few months, and Intellinet felt compelled to action. Mark, Frank, and Brett took a trip to Haiti to meet the Mission of Hope team, see the impact of the finished Leveque community and visit the new land in Minotrie. (Minotrie is translated in the local language as “less than nothing.”) Intellinet called a Board Meeting, executed a signed Letter of Intent, and followed through with the funds to make “less than nothing” a new story of hope, unlocked opportunity, and a greater future. 


The vision written on Mark’s breakfast program became a reality. Two weeks ago on May 3rd, New Story formally launched The Net community for the buildout of 115 homes in Minotrie, Haiti. Construction will begin in early June on the first 35 homes.

Intellinet Inspiring Others:

Intellinet is pioneering the Architect Program with New Story because they want to inspire other companies, business executives, private equity leaders, and entrepreneurs to follow their lead and architect new life-changing communities. These Architect Program partnerships will ensure that communities hit by disaster and devastation will get the help they need to rebuild and restore their lives sooner rather than later.  Mark has also agreed to join the New Story Board of Advisors to help shape our Architect Program.

This is what New Story Advisor and DocuSign CEO and Chairman, Keith Krach, had to say about this new initiative: “It’s amazing and inspiring what they’re doing. I applaud Intellinet for their bold leadership and sincerely caring for those in need. I hope to visit The Net one day!”

We are honored and thrilled for this next chapter in our company and for the lasting legacy that Intellinet and all future Architects will create!

The New Story Team